The Committee for America is a joint fundraising committee composed of the American Legacy Political Action Committee (ALPAC) and Newt 2012. Any contributions to the Committee for America under the Federal Election Campaign Act, as amended (“FECA”), 2 U.S.C. §§ 431 et seq., from donors who have not exceeded their applicable federal contribution limits shall be allocated among these two participating committees pursuant to FECA and according to the method and the rules as set forth here. Any American looking to advance conservative candidates and conservatism can look to the new Committee for America.  This platform is a joint effort of the American Legacy PAC and Newt 2012 with the three principal goals of generating new financial support for conservative candidates, charting a course for a better American future, and retiring outstanding financial obligations of Newt 2012, the presidential primary campaign of Speaker Newt Gingrich. In addition to financially supporting select federal candidates, the Committee for America will work to define a better American future with greater safety, freedom, and prosperity for all. It will work to empower individuals rather than bureaucrats, seeking new ideas about how to implement timeless American principles in the 21st Century. To advance its mission, the Committee for America will also train conservative candidates at every level of government. In the next decade all the talk about a “new normal” of high unemployment, slow growth, rising deficits, and declining incomes will be replaced with a new sense that an “American Breakout” is underway, leading to higher incomes, more jobs, greater prosperity, better health, and an exciting, expanding future of extraordinary opportunity. In the months ahead, the Committee for America will work to refocus conservative politics and policies to embrace the future.